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When it comes to what’s depicted on television these days, almost anything goes. If you watch wrestling or boxing matches it’s because you look for the sportsmanship in both parties who agree to have a match. If you look at a horror film, it’s because it’s thrilling and suspenseful to the eye. When you see a bunch of over-grown women get an attitude or one in particular who tries to fight a variety of people every episode, it gets weary to watch. At some point you start to think, “Is that all that women of ethnicity focus on?” “Is there anything else of interest to us besides proving we can stomp somebody out?” I grew up hating when girls jumped on a victim of choice or try to antagonize someone purposely. Some shows are for enjoyment and some shows are just an attempt to obtain the “good life” from looking hard.

Bully Show “Basketball Wives”

VH1’s “Basketball Wives” is not only a show about women who are not genuine wives, but it indicates the reason why these women are not wives or no longer wives. They have no class, they are extremely rude, and the majority of them are scorned bullies who simply transfer that hurt into hurting someone else. Their insecurity shows as someone all of their lives has treated them as if they were not “good enough.” That pain becomes a show of animals in a pit. The show has been successfully putting money in the pockets of some of the members of the show like Tami Roman who admittedly came off a life of food stamps. Her career in reality TV took flight for a second time around because she was the subject of being called a “non-mf factor.” This season is all about the phrase “Everytime I see you I’m gone stomp you out!” Why? Who has that type of energy or time when you’re supposed to be an entrepreneur and an author selling books?

Real Bullying Takes Tragic Turn

The recent documentary “Bully” was a perfect example of how hypocritical the world can be. It takes someone to actually lose their life before people stop cheering on this behavior and realize violence is serious. It was a a real-life look into the lives of families who have lost loved ones due to their impatience with bullying and no one helping to combat it. Creator of “Basketball Wives” Shaunie O’Neal plays the innocent party to the violence. In reality, she is one of those who never tries to combat it as it’s filling her lonely-divorced pockets! There were also the other sides to the story in the movie of those who have bullied or carried weapons to school, which affects families as well. No one wins in these situations and whether you’re an adult gossiping behind someone’s back or in high school, that gives no one the right to put their hands on someone. Many will contest that parents should not allow their teens to watch the reality show, but real adults would not approve of such immature behavior on TV. Professiona jump-off, Evelyn Lozada and football player Chad Ochocinco are trying to get a spinoff show of their own due to her foolery of threatening and assaulting people. You can be a voice in saying “Enough is enough.” is a great organization currently circulating an online petition asking for signatures to let VH1 know that attempting to kill someone with a bottle is not the same as two girls clawing at each other. A bottle is a weapon of choice for blood, murder even. It is very true that viewers do not have to watch, but you don’t have to sit around and act like it’s not a problem either. Click following link here to sign the online petition and pass it on.

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