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The Hoyle Brothers. Official Android Application features music, videos, photos, social, bio, plus and more. Stay updated with The Hoyle Brothers on your Android & iPhone.

Grease your gears and clutch-it-up! The Hoyle Brothers are lightin’ the way on the Chicago country music scene, servin’ up a honky-tonkin’ good time. Every time. Come on in and check ‘em out. Find out where the boys will be servin’ up their good time music and charm next!

“The group — Lance Helgeson, Steve Doyle, Brian Wilkie, Josh Piet, Trevor McSpadden — has a record that came out in 2009, Don’t Leave Yet, that is its best one yet. You get more of a taste of what the group is like in the live setting, the pace, drive and swing that make everyone who talks about this band use the same word: real.” – The Chicago Tribune

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