Rapper Stress Gotti

This week’s featured artist is Stress Gotti who hails from the Jeffery Manor area of Chicago. The fierce cool within Stress is what I enjoy the most when hearing his tracks. He goes in with a street mentality, but as you listen on he’s an educated artist of the streets as well. On singles like “The Chi’ is Me,” you can hear the “survival of the fittest” hunger as he bellows “Throw ya’ C’s in the Air.” His quick flows are beyond decent bars over production that compliments his story line nicely. Once the fire starts, Stress Gotti burns the track with constant metaphors that seem to be never-ending. He’s reinventing scales with nothing but lyricism as he clearly enforces in “We Gettin’ It.” One of Stress’ best features is being able to switch up his pace to fit whatever track he snaps on. He leaves the impression on most that he’s capable of taking his music career to different levels as he’s lyrically flexible. He’s put in time towards being an East side rider of the grimy scene Chicago can present at times. He calls it how he’s lived it with many fans rocking with him with every new single he unleashes. He has a Nas appeal with every thought-provoking line dropped. His vision of he and his main lady on “Bonnie & Clyde” is the same theme as others, but on a more ride or die level. Having an early arrest back in his fast-paced days, gave Stress the positive motivation needed to keep music as his first priority. He’s done his time, and here to stay with  a lot more to offer the outside world of rap and hip-hop. He’s one to look out for representing Never Follow LLC, known for some of the hottest production and record engineering in the city. Stress’ mixtape, “Reality Rap,” is one of the hottest of 2011. “Reality Rap” hosted by renowned DJ Chi Blizz is available on datpiff.com. Click here for free download.

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  1. Marcus Jones says:

    good 2 see my nigga gettin his long overdue intro 2 da rap game, since thats now out the way welcome 2 sum real hip hop from a real nigga. KEEP DOIN YA THING GOTTI, JEFFREY MANOR STAND UP!

  2. Pro says:

    Leaders never follow

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