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“The Game” has lost it’s starring drama queen, Melanie and hottest guy on BET, Derwin who lost their slots this week on the show. The word on the curb is that Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall tried to go for the pot of gold in contracts, but was unsuccessful with BET on negotiations. Honestly, she’s a great, seasoned actress, but the material was crap this current season. The character, Melanie was a smart, light-skinned over-achiever who went from the good girl next door to the whiny wife of a popular football player. Her character had gone flatter than a burnt-up pancake. When the show first kicked off it seemed like everybody had goals and achievements to strive for. No one was so wrapped up in who they dated that they forgot their own lives had meaning and relevance. At some point, that’s what happened with every character on the show.

Melanie and Derwin Were No Longer Our Faves

The writers seemed to be lost in what to do with Melanie and Derwin when it probably would have been a treat to see Dr. Melanie in action as a physician, had that been part of the show’s story line. From performing DNA tests to butting in Janay’s relationships, Melanie had run her course a long time ago. I wasn’t as aggravated with Derwin as I was Melanie, but he did get a bit boring. His sole purpose on the low-ratings show was to be great eye candy for us ladies watching weekly, and he fulfilled that nicely. From head to toe, inside and out, Derwin Davis was every woman’s ideal mate. He had money, he was a star player on a winning famous football team, he was drug free, and he actually liked to go to church and listen to the minister’s word. It’s not to say a football player can’t have all those qualities, but really I’m sure it’s rare.

Stuck with Brandy Dating Jason Pitts

On top of that, there’s no Kelly Pitts, so Melanie is only friends with Tasha Mack? Come on, BET. Now, we have to deal with seeing Brandy play a bartender who we know has the same name and sass as one of the girls who came on Ray J’s “For the Love of Ray J” reality show. It’s pathetic to watch and is an obviously desperate attempt to use celebrities to save the show. It’s unbelievable as well because Jason Pitts is not changing his taste in women to blacker berries that fast. It probably would have been more realistic to see Jason Pitts the rich sports anchor date Brandy the singer who is in San Diego recording. Then we have Malik-the-freak/alcoholic/non-playing football player who once was on his game, but is now just really lame. We used to like seeing Malik have his stripper pole in the house surrounded by ladies and his football friends coming over to be male pigs like himself. He lost all his cool hanging with dope head models and not being his best on the field. We also stop seeing any signs that the guys were even playing football anymore except for the 1 episode of Melanie and Tee-Tee in the sky-box with Tasha a few steps away.

At the end of the day, it’s a good move for Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall as they have been reported to have other projects they’re working on. He’s still fine as wine, and she has a book sharing details of new pregnancy with new moms or mom hopefuls. We’ll always love the twin who screamed “Go home, Roger!” on the show “Sister, Sister.” I wish them both much success and longevity in their career paths to come.

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