What is MusicTapp?

As technology rapidly advances more people are converging their digital lives onto the device they carry around with them at all times; their mobile phone. MusicTapp is a quality service aimed at independent music artists and labels offering innovative solutions to reach and engage with their fans whenever… wherever.

Who can use MusicTapp?

Although we are marketing towards indie artist and labels as our niche, Anyone can use the platform. We can build the same solution for virtually any industry; DJ’s, Comedians, Night Clubs, Models, Athletes, Celebrities, Companies, and so much more.

How does MusicTapp work?

  1. Add MusicTapp for Android and iPhone to your shopping cart and checkout. You will have the option to choose either Android app, iPhone app, or both for discounted savings.
  2. Signup & Purchase. Create an account by filling in username, password and email. Followed by purchase of app and content hosting plan.
  3. Upload Content. Upon successful purchase you will receive a special link via email to login and upload your content for the app: MP3 music, photos, YouTube video links, tour date & schedule, bio information, Twitter handle, etc.
  4. Build, Revise & Finalize. Once all your content is received we will build your app(s) and post a draft in your account for proofing. We understand there may be some revisions to get the app right!
  5. Distribute & Promote. Once the app is finalized we’ll launch in the various mobile app store marketplaces where your fans can download your apps (Google Android Market and Apple iTunes App Store*), plus post an app profile page on MusicTapp.com where your fans can discover new music.

How much does MusicTapp cost?

See the Pricing page for full pricing details. We charge a one-time fee per application platform (discounted pricing is available for bulk purchases) plus monthly Content Hosting fees.

Why do I have to pay Content Hosting fees?

Content Hosting fees are mandatory fees to support hosting your digital content data associated with your MusicTapp app. This content data consists of music, photos, videos, etc. uploaded; only newly uploaded content data is sent to fans and users who request it when they open the app.

If Content Hosting payment is discontinued, we will issue a disruption of Content Hosting services notice within 15 days. Therefore new content will not be downloaded to new apps, thus rendering the app non-functional.

Should I charge my fans for my app?

No. It is our policy to give apps away free to fans. Remember MusicTapp is a platform to help artists and labels promote their music. Free distribution will yield higher saturation.

How long does it takes to receive my app?

Turnaround times for Android are between 3-5 business days from the time you upload your complete data into your account after purchase. After approval allow an additional 1-2 business days to be loaded into Google’s Android Market.

*Turnaround times for iOS are between 4-6 business days from the time you upload your complete data into your account after purchase. After approval allow an additional 10-21 business days to be loaded into Apple’s iTunes App Store.

If Apple rejects your MusicTapp app we act as artibitraries to work with you and Apple to get your app into their marketplace. If their ultimate decision is to reject your app, provided your app does not violate our Terms of Service agreement, we will refund 85% of your charge (15% will be kept for development costs). If their ultimate decision is to reject your app, and your app violates our Terms of Service agreement, we will not refund your charge.

Will you offer Blackberry and Windows apps?

We are still evaluating the market behavior of those platforms to determine whether they will be lucrative to launch in. But we’re an app development company at the core, so we’ll eventually get there.

Do you offer custom solutions?

Don’t care for the stock features of MusicTapp… we can customize the feature set to your specific needs. For custom solutions please contact us directly.

How do I cancel?

Please send an email to support at musictapp.com alerting us you would like to cancel. We hate to see you go but will work with you to make departure swift and smooth.