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Kerfew is lighting up the streets and it isn’t because he works for Comed. The show-stopping rap artist/producer has already displayed his skills winning 106 & Park’s “Wild Out” competition having the most votes. What else could the talented Chicagoan offer fans? A killer mixtape with hot features and some of the hottest beats to go with it. On “Respect,” he makes it clear that he demands to be acknowledged as one of the best doing it, and he’s proven to be right. Kerfew’s letting you know, you can’t see him with your eyes open as it’s one of the tightest lines he mentions. He’s popping bottles, he’s got VIP status at every club, and even has some special verses for the ladies on “Learn to Fly” and “Some People.” There aren’t ‘many mixtapes out now giving you the party jams with nice metaphors from a single artist with destiny on his mind. His hook is vicious as a Chicago juke house party with city alum Dat Boy Hot throwing catchy punch lines on “Them Boyz Over There.” The duo represent the city well as the upcoming talent Chicago’s been thirsty for since the days of Do or Die and Crucial Conflict. It’s definitely a different, more crossover sound ready to take on any challengers stepping to the plate. Kerfew may just be the most underrated artist, or just a new breed on the scene many are getting familiar with. He’s crowned himself the hottest while at the same time going into overtime insuring you don’t think differently. His sound is full of fun and energetic experiences many fly guys his age can relate to. He is the voice for the rap fan looking for a quality 16-track album to set almost any mood imaginable. He gives you clear pictures of his lifestyle and tones things down a bit on “It’s About to Go Down,” which is a smooth melody on an R&B note. Though he has his own platform set up, Kerfew is on his Cool J with no brakes in sight. You can find out more on the artist right here on MusicTapp as he’s got a great app ready to download. To get his free mixtape, “Heart of the City,” click here.

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