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Reach fan who have Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod

Who says only major artists and labels are the only ones who can have an application (app) created to engage more with fans on their phones? With MusicTapp for Android and iPhone, any music artist or label can have their own mobile app at significantly low cost.

Reach fans who have Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod

Easily build an app for fans who have Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod. These smartphones and devices are premier for MusicTapp as they can play music, stream videos, show photos and access the Internet. As you know, there are millions of music lovers who have these devices, reach them on the devices they have with them daily.

Platform for Social Viral Discovery of Your Music

MusicTapp artists promote their mobile apps at live performances, through social networks, in printed material, on their websites, wherever! As their apps are promoted, MusicTapp brand and platform are promoted as well. More important, we promote our artist and career achievements. Building your mobile apps with MusicTapp instantly gives you the power of thousands of music artists promoting the brand, thus promotes your app. Combine that with the “Related Artist” feature on every MusicTapp artist profile page, fans of other music artists can discover and download your apps exposing new potential fans to your music!

Empowering Indie Music Artists

Although MusicTapp can be utilized by majors, even diversify in other business industries; our niche is catered to independent music artist and record labels; empowering indie artist with next-level promotional tools to reach fans on a personal level.

Quality Apps That Aren’t Expensive!

Looking to have an app created for you, your artist, band or company? Look no further than MusicTapp, where you can have a custom, quality app developed at a lower cost … which comes with a marketing engine already in place. No hefty price tags. No big costs to promote a single app. All you need to provide us with your content information to get started! View our pricing to purchase your apps today.

*MusicTapp for Blackberry and Windows will be available soon.

Reach Fans. Get MusicTapp!

Take a look at our pricing for Android, iPhone or both. Save 15% when you purchase both at the same time.