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When tragedy strikes in an enormous manner, there needs to be some form of supplemental treatment or activity to soothe sufferers. When famine became an issue in Africa, celebs like Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper, Stevie Wonder, and others band together to create a song that would not only raise funding, but spread awareness about the problem from one country to the next. This is the same action taken by MusicTapp co-founder and songwriting producer, Vincent E. Norment. His latest project, “City We Live in Chicago,” is an inspirational piece that distracts Chicagoans from their problems and on to the greatness the city offers. As a Chicagoan himself, Vincent understands the issues of violence, woes of taxpayers, and other concerns that plague our city and rob it of its true essence. Vincent saw the bigger picture of those concerns not being the primary focus and instead leaned more towards the richness of the city. The anthem was written and produced by Vincent with Tracmoon, Patman rapping the lyrics, and Board of Governors featured on the hook and strings. It’s a very catchy song that will hopefully take notice at sporting events, and any location where Chicagoans engage and let their hair down. Anyone from Chicago knows that songs of this nature are not only necessary, but very reminiscent of the first significant event or moment as a true Chicago native. It’s more to this city than a depressing news headline. There’s more to this city than Derrick Rose being the next Michael Jordan. There’s more to this city than Oprah Winfrey’s show originating here. It’s a beautiful place of pride. Every great city on Earth has a great song that compliments its features, its many reasons people flock to it, and the feeling you get being apart of its culture and historic environment. “City We Live in Chicago” is our city’s next great song that exudes all of those feelings and much more. The artists are MusicTapp-affiliates with their own apps  leveraging their careers through strategic promotion and updates via Android or iPhone. To download the full version of “City We Live in Chicago,” click here. When you download the track, hold your head up high, and look at your city proudly as never before because this is the “City We Live in Chicago.”


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