Good Riddens to Melanie, But Derwin Davis Too?

Pooch Hall and Tia Mowry image

“The Game” has lost it’s starring drama queen, Melanie and hottest guy on BET, Derwin who lost their slots this week on the show. The word on the curb is that Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall tried to go for the pot of gold in contracts, but was unsuccessful with BET on negotiations. Honestly, she’s a great, seasoned actress, but the material was crap this current season. The character, Melanie was a smart, light-skinned over-achiever who went from the good girl next door to the whiny wife of a popular football player. Her character had gone flatter than a burnt-up pancake. When the show first kicked off it seemed like everybody had goals and achievements to strive for. No one was so wrapped up in who they dated that they forgot their own lives had meaning and relevance. At some point, that’s what happened with every character on the show.

Melanie and Derwin Were No Longer Our Faves

The writers seemed to be lost in what to do with Melanie and Derwin when it probably would have been a treat to see Dr. Melanie in action as a physician, had that been part of the show’s story line. From performing DNA tests to butting in Janay’s relationships, Melanie had run her course a long time ago. I wasn’t as aggravated with Derwin as I was Melanie, but he did get a bit boring. His sole purpose on the low-ratings show was to be great eye candy for us ladies watching weekly, and he fulfilled that nicely. From head to toe, inside and out, Derwin Davis was every woman’s ideal mate. He had money, he was a star player on a winning famous football team, he was drug free, and he actually liked to go to church and listen to the minister’s word. It’s not to say a football player can’t have all those qualities, but really I’m sure it’s rare.

Stuck with Brandy Dating Jason Pitts

On top of that, there’s no Kelly Pitts, so Melanie is only friends with Tasha Mack? Come on, BET. Now, we have to deal with seeing Brandy play a bartender who we know has the same name and sass as one of the girls who came on Ray J’s “For the Love of Ray J” reality show. It’s pathetic to watch and is an obviously desperate attempt to use celebrities to save the show. It’s unbelievable as well because Jason Pitts is not changing his taste in women to blacker berries that fast. It probably would have been more realistic to see Jason Pitts the rich sports anchor date Brandy the singer who is in San Diego recording. Then we have Malik-the-freak/alcoholic/non-playing football player who once was on his game, but is now just really lame. We used to like seeing Malik have his stripper pole in the house surrounded by ladies and his football friends coming over to be male pigs like himself. He lost all his cool hanging with dope head models and not being his best on the field. We also stop seeing any signs that the guys were even playing football anymore except for the 1 episode of Melanie and Tee-Tee in the sky-box with Tasha a few steps away.

At the end of the day, it’s a good move for Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall as they have been reported to have other projects they’re working on. He’s still fine as wine, and she has a book sharing details of new pregnancy with new moms or mom hopefuls. We’ll always love the twin who screamed “Go home, Roger!” on the show “Sister, Sister.” I wish them both much success and longevity in their career paths to come.

Chicago’s L.E.P. Bogus Boys on Deck to Tour with Drake

L.E.P. Starforce image

It’s no secret that any Chicago artist who receives shine is likely to get on this blog as it is always a step forward or backward in my city’s talent. As you’re familiar with L.E.P. Bogus Boys, you know that their grind in getting on initiated years and years ago and is getting to full recognizance. The hardcore duo of Count and Mooney were recently in the news for being rejected from performing at Chicago’s House of Blues music club for their lyrical content. It sparked a great deal of controversy surrounding the guys as you wondered “Will this be the beginning of their end as their own city seems to shun them?” “Will other venues take a scary stance on their rhymes of honest street violence and storytelling as well? Obviously not as the guys will be accompanying Young Money labelmate Drake on tour the rest of the summer. The tour will be breezing through Chicago June 2nd at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre which happens to be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger and more important than the flaky downtown House of Blues. I’m just saying. Acts who are invited to this place have really made it opening for a hot artist, or are the hot artists themselves.

L.E.P. Bogus Boys Don’t Know How to Give Up

The tour is huge for the guys who came from hustling their CD’s on the streets of the city’s Low End area to having artists featured on their mixtapes like Ray J, T.I., Jim Jones, and a plethora of other top-shelf industry figures. They’ve always kept things as 100 as possible because they’ve witnessed everything in the sentences spit on the microphone. It appears that the grind and hustle never stopped for them, but did intensify when they lost one of their original group members. It was then that you could see Count and Mooney were not going to be silenced by the House of Blues or anyone else who chose not to accept their musical style and words. They’re the Kid n’ Play of the hood as they stick together through thick and thin with bigger opportunities steady knocking at the door. If anyone deserves to make it after Kanye West and Jennifer Hudson’s big exit, it’s definitely them. Drake will also be accompanied by 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, J. Cole, Waka Flocka, and French Montana. The presence of J. Cole surprised me a bit as the over-hyped professor of features was predicted to be headlining his own shows by this time. However, the undeniable love shown to Young Money’s Drake has taken him to heights many cannot catch up to these days. Drake’s “Club Paradise” tour will be coming to a city near you with the next tour dates and cities as follows:

May 17 – Houston, TX – Toyota Center
May 19 – Charlotte, NC – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte
May 20 – Atlanta, GA – Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood
May 22 – Raleigh, NC – Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek
May 23 – Virginia Beach, VA – Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach
May 25 – Washington, DC – Verizon Center
May 26 – Pittsburgh, PA – First Niagara Pavilion
May 28 – Cleveland, OH – Blossom Music Center
May 30 – Detroit, MI – DTE Energy Music Theatre
June 1- Indianapolis, IN – Klipsch Music Center
June 2 – Chicago, IL – First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
June 5 – Memphis, TN – FedExForum
June 6 – Cincinnati, OH – Riverbend Music Center
June 8 – Darien Lake, NY – Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
June 9 – Philadelphia, PA – Susquehanna Bank Center
June 11 – Hartford, CT – Comcast Theatre
June 12 – Holmdel, NJ – PNC Bank Arts Center
June 14 – Saratoga Springs, NY – Saratoga Performing Arts Center
June 16 – New York, NY – Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
June 17 – Boston, MA – Comcast Center

Youth Violence on the Rise in the Streets and Music

Youth Violence on the Rise in Streets and Music

Is it me getting older that has lead to the obvious fact that if you’re not talking about selling drugs or killing somebody, your rap career may be a sweet fantasy? Many of us have listened to a dope beat in the club or on the local station in the car and thought “That’s a hot joint!” But, then when you really simmer your tail down to hear the lyrics, you find yourself juking to a murder confession. Now, you clearly understand you’re a music victim of some rapper from the show “48 Hours.” Why? There’s gotta be something else of substance to talk about besides this type of lifestyle, especially from our young people.

Biggie Smalls, A Genuine Story-Teller of Street Life

Not everyone can relate to the street life of grimy cocaine dealers. Rapper Biggie Smalls was a lyricist of versatility, style. He had some of the illest’ bars regarding street life at times and it wasn’t a party situation. It was a true recollection of what he had experienced and how it affected his life, and even motivated him to come out of the life. There was also the Biggie you loved because you felt shivers down your spine when he shouted “We used to fuss when the landlord dissed us, no heat, wonder why Christmas missed us.” You knew where he was coming from because you may have gone through a holiday where times were not the most festive for your family. I’ve gone over this many times in my head whereas our most popular rhyme artists definitely spit topics about that street life, but they make it feel cool simultaneously.

The Younger Generation Motivated By Their Own Killer Instincts

One of the youngest buzz-makers on his way to a possible contract with Young Money fell in my email inbox the other day. Chief Keef has a beat that undeniably goes hard, but with the most ignorant words that only a young dude in high school may appreciate.  The track, remixed by Kanye West, creates a surge in wondering why Kanye would select this song to remix along with Big Sean, Jadakiss, and Pusha T. Kanye West is and will forever be above this type of music. Ironically, the producer of the YouTube sensation “I Don’t Like,” has not taken Kanye’s version as a compliment at all. To get someone of Kanye’s wordplay genius on anything you do is always a compliment, but not to these guys. They felt he jacked up the original beat skillfully made for Chief Keef. The little dude is like 16-years old with a video in which it’s like a hundred other little guys smoking blunts and looking like fools. I thought, “Has his parents seen this video of coonery?” Do they care? He’s doing gang hand-shakes in the video, he’s cursing pretty good of course, and the worst part is he’s garnered over 2 million YouTube views in less than 3 months. Wow! Being from Chicago, as is this young man, was embarrassing. Is this guy supposed to represent Chicago’s talented base of artists? Is that all it takes to get industry and online buzz? A few dreadlocks and a bunch of drugs in your system? He’s much too young to represent this genre of music that has been poison since day one anyways. Why are we not reaching out to him to do something more productive with his life or rap aspirations? It’s the coonery of dancing to it. It’s the irresponsibility when your kids listen to it and you don’t have a clue on earth that the lyrics are instructions to “off” somebody if they look at them wrong. It’s scary because the generation is getting younger and younger for those who do not comprehend their destiny of destruction. It’s no secret that Chicago is the murder spot of the world right now, so why add to the reputation with outlandish behavior? Those aren’t all the streets of the Chi.’ You live and learn, but the decisions being made are not by those who have experienced enough life to have learned anything. In an unfortunate twist, the youth are not the decision-makers behind them making tons of money off of their ignorant rap persona either, the evil adults are.

Why Combat Bullying, But Support “Basketball Wives?”

No Bullying image

When it comes to what’s depicted on television these days, almost anything goes. If you watch wrestling or boxing matches it’s because you look for the sportsmanship in both parties who agree to have a match. If you look at a horror film, it’s because it’s thrilling and suspenseful to the eye. When you see a bunch of over-grown women get an attitude or one in particular who tries to fight a variety of people every episode, it gets weary to watch. At some point you start to think, “Is that all that women of ethnicity focus on?” “Is there anything else of interest to us besides proving we can stomp somebody out?” I grew up hating when girls jumped on a victim of choice or try to antagonize someone purposely. Some shows are for enjoyment and some shows are just an attempt to obtain the “good life” from looking hard.

Bully Show “Basketball Wives”

VH1’s “Basketball Wives” is not only a show about women who are not genuine wives, but it indicates the reason why these women are not wives or no longer wives. They have no class, they are extremely rude, and the majority of them are scorned bullies who simply transfer that hurt into hurting someone else. Their insecurity shows as someone all of their lives has treated them as if they were not “good enough.” That pain becomes a show of animals in a pit. The show has been successfully putting money in the pockets of some of the members of the show like Tami Roman who admittedly came off a life of food stamps. Her career in reality TV took flight for a second time around because she was the subject of being called a “non-mf factor.” This season is all about the phrase “Everytime I see you I’m gone stomp you out!” Why? Who has that type of energy or time when you’re supposed to be an entrepreneur and an author selling books?

Real Bullying Takes Tragic Turn

The recent documentary “Bully” was a perfect example of how hypocritical the world can be. It takes someone to actually lose their life before people stop cheering on this behavior and realize violence is serious. It was a a real-life look into the lives of families who have lost loved ones due to their impatience with bullying and no one helping to combat it. Creator of “Basketball Wives” Shaunie O’Neal plays the innocent party to the violence. In reality, she is one of those who never tries to combat it as it’s filling her lonely-divorced pockets! There were also the other sides to the story in the movie of those who have bullied or carried weapons to school, which affects families as well. No one wins in these situations and whether you’re an adult gossiping behind someone’s back or in high school, that gives no one the right to put their hands on someone. Many will contest that parents should not allow their teens to watch the reality show, but real adults would not approve of such immature behavior on TV. Professiona jump-off, Evelyn Lozada and football player Chad Ochocinco are trying to get a spinoff show of their own due to her foolery of threatening and assaulting people. You can be a voice in saying “Enough is enough.” is a great organization currently circulating an online petition asking for signatures to let VH1 know that attempting to kill someone with a bottle is not the same as two girls clawing at each other. A bottle is a weapon of choice for blood, murder even. It is very true that viewers do not have to watch, but you don’t have to sit around and act like it’s not a problem either. Click following link here to sign the online petition and pass it on.

Brian McKnight Has Turned into R. Kelly, it’s a Wrap!


Brian McKnight Starpulse image

Alright, alright, alright so the cat’s out the bag for the last week now about Brian McKnight’s latest vagina song of controversy. Every blog and social network has blasted their opinions about the song from the goody-goody singer in which he wants to teach you how your vagina works. Many have had strong and even hurtful words towards Brian in which they feel the use of the “p” word on the track is just too vulgar. First off, Brian McKnight is past his 30’s, so for anyone to suggest he shouldn’t use the “p” word as sophisticatedly as he does is a fool. Some have even suggested that Brian is too old to be singing about sex as if he just has a year supply of Viagra in his top drawer waiting to give it to anyone who will give it up. Brian McKnight is still fine as the first day he came onto the music scene back in the 90’s, so trust he doesn’t have to stalk pantie-droppers.

Let’s explore  a history of  other artists who have delved into the topic of body parts:

1.) Andre 3000 from Outkast transitioned from being a man of Players’ Balls and Cadillac music to having a double album with one titled “Love Below.” If that doesn’t explain a hell of a metaphorical theory I don’t know what does. Andre is a very versatile artist who is never intimidated by change or switching things up for the sake of “cool.”

2.) R. Kelly is definitely in his own zone as he sings and writes about feeling on somebody’s booty, and the next month he’s got the # 1 song at every graduation around the world with “I Believe I Can Fly.” He vibes off of whatever seems to be taking place in his life or in the world, and it has always worked for him.

3.) Rick James, may he rest in peace, was always a wild dude on the guitar keys and in the tightest onesies you’ll ever see. Though most notably famous for his 80’s hit “Superfreak,” Rick got up with Motown’s baby boy Smokey Robinson for “Ebony Eyes.” The love song was very affectionate, angelic, and showed a very innocent-like Rick James. For a moment, you forgot how many chicks he partied with and how many lines of coke he had in his basement. He was softer, gentler. But, after the famous recording with Smokey, he went back to nasty ole’ Rick real soon.

Brian McKnight’s song titled “If You’re Ready to Learn” is actually quite nicely-put, not in a stripper-pole type of way either. He will always be one of music’s kings of R&B and weddings even if he has taken an R. Kelly route towards satisfying women. Did anyone stop to think that the woman he’s addressing is someone he has had in bed before and may be in dire need of sexual lessons? It could be that instead of dumping the poor, lonely girl, Brian has taken the liberty of extending sexual discovery classes to the young lady. He’s a pervert for that? No, not at all. Anyone who doesn’t like this song is a prude to the 37th power. It ain’t about love all the time, people. For anyone who hasn’t heard the hottest topic on Twitter since Deon Sanders got jumped on by his wife and her best friend, click here- “If You’re Ready to Learn”


Fire Mixtape of the Week: Kerfew “Heart of the City”

Kurfew image

Rapper/Producer Kurfew image

Kerfew is lighting up the streets and it isn’t because he works for Comed. The show-stopping rap artist/producer has already displayed his skills winning 106 & Park’s “Wild Out” competition having the most votes. What else could the talented Chicagoan offer fans? A killer mixtape with hot features and some of the hottest beats to go with it. On “Respect,” he makes it clear that he demands to be acknowledged as one of the best doing it, and he’s proven to be right. Kerfew’s letting you know, you can’t see him with your eyes open as it’s one of the tightest lines he mentions. He’s popping bottles, he’s got VIP status at every club, and even has some special verses for the ladies on “Learn to Fly” and “Some People.” There aren’t ‘many mixtapes out now giving you the party jams with nice metaphors from a single artist with destiny on his mind. His hook is vicious as a Chicago juke house party with city alum Dat Boy Hot throwing catchy punch lines on “Them Boyz Over There.” The duo represent the city well as the upcoming talent Chicago’s been thirsty for since the days of Do or Die and Crucial Conflict. It’s definitely a different, more crossover sound ready to take on any challengers stepping to the plate. Kerfew may just be the most underrated artist, or just a new breed on the scene many are getting familiar with. He’s crowned himself the hottest while at the same time going into overtime insuring you don’t think differently. His sound is full of fun and energetic experiences many fly guys his age can relate to. He is the voice for the rap fan looking for a quality 16-track album to set almost any mood imaginable. He gives you clear pictures of his lifestyle and tones things down a bit on “It’s About to Go Down,” which is a smooth melody on an R&B note. Though he has his own platform set up, Kerfew is on his Cool J with no brakes in sight. You can find out more on the artist right here on MusicTapp as he’s got a great app ready to download. To get his free mixtape, “Heart of the City,” click here.

“City We Live in Chicago” is a Soothing Anthem to City’s Crisis

Tracmoon image

When tragedy strikes in an enormous manner, there needs to be some form of supplemental treatment or activity to soothe sufferers. When famine became an issue in Africa, celebs like Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper, Stevie Wonder, and others band together to create a song that would not only raise funding, but spread awareness about the problem from one country to the next. This is the same action taken by MusicTapp co-founder and songwriting producer, Vincent E. Norment. His latest project, “City We Live in Chicago,” is an inspirational piece that distracts Chicagoans from their problems and on to the greatness the city offers. As a Chicagoan himself, Vincent understands the issues of violence, woes of taxpayers, and other concerns that plague our city and rob it of its true essence. Vincent saw the bigger picture of those concerns not being the primary focus and instead leaned more towards the richness of the city. The anthem was written and produced by Vincent with Tracmoon, Patman rapping the lyrics, and Board of Governors featured on the hook and strings. It’s a very catchy song that will hopefully take notice at sporting events, and any location where Chicagoans engage and let their hair down. Anyone from Chicago knows that songs of this nature are not only necessary, but very reminiscent of the first significant event or moment as a true Chicago native. It’s more to this city than a depressing news headline. There’s more to this city than Derrick Rose being the next Michael Jordan. There’s more to this city than Oprah Winfrey’s show originating here. It’s a beautiful place of pride. Every great city on Earth has a great song that compliments its features, its many reasons people flock to it, and the feeling you get being apart of its culture and historic environment. “City We Live in Chicago” is our city’s next great song that exudes all of those feelings and much more. The artists are MusicTapp-affiliates with their own apps  leveraging their careers through strategic promotion and updates via Android or iPhone. To download the full version of “City We Live in Chicago,” click here. When you download the track, hold your head up high, and look at your city proudly as never before because this is the “City We Live in Chicago.”


The Celebration of the Late Heavy D and the “New Jack Swing”

Rapper Heavy D photo

This week, rap lost one of its pioneering fathers, Heavy D. Heavy D reportedly collapsed outside his home of respiratory distress on Tuesday, November 8th. The New York-raised artist was known for much more than being just another rapper. He was an innovator. His confidence for stepping out as a heavy-set guy made women swoon over him just as much as his music. To his fans, he was a loveable-type guy who couldn’t seem to ever hurt a fly. He came into rap at the time of the “New Jack Swing” era of music with the fresh leather jackets and Jordans’. This was a critical time in rap as it was time for artists to step up and show what they knew best in the late 80’s. Rap was still a fresh idea that hadn’t received a cross-over appeal yet. Heavy D and the Boyz pushed that crossover success fans and artists experience today as their movement grew. Heavy D and the Boyz were infamous for being the coolest guys in videos at that time. They not only had the flashy loud-colored clothes and mack lines, but they cut a rug on the dance floor as well. Heavy D, being the first rap artist of his size, owned every crowd he performed in front of. He never hesitated to break a sweat and create some of the hottest dance moves on TV. He moved as small as a 100-pound man as he was a true entertainer giving you a complete show with his lyrics. During his time, guys weren’t too cool to ask a girl to dance. If she declined, then that guy would dance with his boys in a crowd while everyone watched in awe. Girls would sweat out fresh perms dancing after staying in the beauty shop for hours getting their best look for the night. When a Heavy D song came on, believe you were getting up to move some way, somehow. Times have changed as women are dancing more at clubs and parties, but Heavy started it all. With producers like Guy’s Teddy Riley, he couldn’t go wrong with hit after hit. Parties would have patrons sweating so hard to joints like “Now That We’ve Found Love,” “We Got Our Own Thang,” and “Is it Good to You.” Watching the “Soul Train” awards was always a must back then because you can guarantee Heavy D and the Boyz would turn out the show. Not only was Heavy D in music, but he was an actor as well. Some of his features included “Living Single,” “New Jersey Drive” and most recently “Tower Heist.” The artist had slowed down his music over the years, but will always be remembered. At just the age of 44, Heavy D was taken away, but his spirit on being apart of the “New Jack Swing” will forever live on the dance stage.

Tia London Holds it Down for the Ladies with “Nothing on You”

Singer/Rapper Tia London image

It has been quite a while since music fans have witnessed a female artist of confidence, style, and definition. Traxster music’s Tia London is a singer/rapper who needs no gimmicks or tricks to catch someones attention. The talented young lady from Chicago understands her talent, and it has no skimpy clothing or silicone to go with it. From mohawks to gorgeous long hair with china bangs, she’s an artist wise beyond her years. She’s the return of the good girl with femininity, and a bit of an edge you hear in her voice just to show you what time it really is. Two years ago, she became the first artist signed to Traxster Inc, which also brought her to the attention of rap extraordinaire Twista. From there, the two appeared on Twista’s album “The Perfect Storm with her vocals setting off the track nicely.” Since then, Tia has become a full-fledged butterfly releasing her own single “Nothing on You,” raising new bars in the game. In a time when many women feel less empowered or desperate to discuss their hoodrat mentality, Tia takes the high road. Her lyrics consists of the type of girl you’d bring home to mama because she’s respectful of her ways. Her demeanor is toned down to the point where she almost seems to good to be true. “Nothing on You” seems to be a title giving glory and praise to the apple of her eye. In retrospect, it’s a story of mutual admiration as she declares “yea he love my style, but he really love my intellect.” No doubt she still keeps it sassy with a dress and heels, but it’s clear that she knows her worth. It’s a cool hip-hop feel with Tia singing the hook at the master hands of legendary producer Traxster. The track is an anticipation of what is to come when Tia drops “Love Junkie” later this month on November 28th. She’s without a doubt in high gear for superstardom. With the buzz about her latest project on every major music outlet, you can tell the world is ready as well. To keep up the with the star, visit her site Click here for “Nothing on You.”

Hot Unsigned Artist of the Week: Stress Gotti

Rapper Stress Gotti

This week’s featured artist is Stress Gotti who hails from the Jeffery Manor area of Chicago. The fierce cool within Stress is what I enjoy the most when hearing his tracks. He goes in with a street mentality, but as you listen on he’s an educated artist of the streets as well. On singles like “The Chi’ is Me,” you can hear the “survival of the fittest” hunger as he bellows “Throw ya’ C’s in the Air.” His quick flows are beyond decent bars over production that compliments his story line nicely. Once the fire starts, Stress Gotti burns the track with constant metaphors that seem to be never-ending. He’s reinventing scales with nothing but lyricism as he clearly enforces in “We Gettin’ It.” One of Stress’ best features is being able to switch up his pace to fit whatever track he snaps on. He leaves the impression on most that he’s capable of taking his music career to different levels as he’s lyrically flexible. He’s put in time towards being an East side rider of the grimy scene Chicago can present at times. He calls it how he’s lived it with many fans rocking with him with every new single he unleashes. He has a Nas appeal with every thought-provoking line dropped. His vision of he and his main lady on “Bonnie & Clyde” is the same theme as others, but on a more ride or die level. Having an early arrest back in his fast-paced days, gave Stress the positive motivation needed to keep music as his first priority. He’s done his time, and here to stay with  a lot more to offer the outside world of rap and hip-hop. He’s one to look out for representing Never Follow LLC, known for some of the hottest production and record engineering in the city. Stress’ mixtape, “Reality Rap,” is one of the hottest of 2011. “Reality Rap” hosted by renowned DJ Chi Blizz is available on Click here for free download.

“Otis” takes Billboard Back Seat to Ace Hood

Rapper Ace Hood image

Florida rapper Ace Hood has always been the underdog when trying to squeeze his way into the commercial realm of things. Though he had a bit of success with track “Cash Flow,” it was his explosion comeback of “Hustle Hard” that sealed the deal. At first glance at Ace Hood, he appears to be a talented, more buff Lil’ Wayne clone to some. But, those who have been listening for a while understand that he has his own style with how he flows. His street rhymes of hustling and grinding mixtapes with DJ Khaled, have finally paid off for him musically. Many artists have not been able to dip away from the music scene and come back as strong as he has with an edge to the game like no other. Reciting the lyric of “Closed mouths don’t get fed on this boulevard,” lets you know he’s serious about climbing to the top. Not only has he mastered the mixtape arena, he’s now at #8 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop charts with his single “Body to Body” featuring Chris Brown. Chris was a great asset to the track as he’s notorious for putting the right mix of R&B spin on a rap single. Though released earlier in the year, the single is still an in-demand listen for many fans. The popular Jay-Z and Kanye West hip-hop classic, “Otis” now bows down to this slow jam setting new ground conquered for Ace. He’s toned things down a bit, switching over to something more of a mature nature. Coming from #8 to #9 on the charts, shows the true hustle and validity of the artist. He’s been holding down the charts with the track for 16 weeks thus far. Anyone who can compete with the Roc Nation and G.O.O.D. music presidents must be doing something right.

DMX to Perform New Single on Dr. Drew’s Show?

Rapper DMX

Dr. Drew’s talk show, “Lifechangers” is nothing short of an Oprah Winfrey hour, but in a quest to change lives and discuss interesting topics like male grooming. Dr. Drew’s latest show even consists of dating tips creating an aura of ahhhhhh towards the sobriety helper. With a cute fireplace in the background, Dr. Drew counsels, he surprises guests with skin treatment sometimes, and now he’s going to allow DMX to appear on one of his episodes. He’s not appearing on the show to get a Dr. Drew/Oprah-type surprise, or even beg at the mercy of Dr. Drew for help kicking the habit. He is to debut his latest single for the audience as well as give sound advice to a young man who will also be on the show. I know it can sound very negative to question “Why is DMX performing on “Lifechangers,” and giving drug abuse advice? But, having seen the rap artist perform in concert at least three times, I’d have to say I’m a concerned fan. A true fan, but nonetheless still concerned. As of recent, I’m not sure if DMX deserves the spotlight of a sober celeb quite yet. He’s still getting arrested for exaggerated speeding habits, his behavior of not owning up to unlawful activity is quite strange, and I’m not convinced that he’s done with drugs to go around telling people to just say “No.” We should have had a Rick James-type, may he rest in peace. It would be an embarrassment for the episode to air, and for us to see him back in newspaper headlines. DMX needs more time to prove his worth in the music industry. As a loyal fan, I’d rather sit out and wait on the rap vet to tackle his issues rather suffer another setback just to release an album. Hopefully he’ll prove us all wrong this time around. The “Lifechangers” episode airs November 9th on the CW network.

“To Catch a Predator” Caught on Charges

"To Catch a Predator" Host Chris Hansen image

Chris Hansen is in the hot seat once again, but this time for he and NBC violating a predator’s rights. How a predator even has rights escapes me, but it looks like the “victim” has a case. Ex-Microsystems engineer Anurag Tiwari is suing the popular criminal-catching show for claiming a violation of civil rights, emotional distress and defamation. Watching the show, you definitely have to wonder how far can the pedophile-nabbers go in luring online predators to a home where no crime has physically taken place. It’s always a shock to the guys who believe they’re confiding their sexual thoughts and outrageous behavior to a typical 13-year old girl who turns out to be an undercover cop. Most of the criminals get heightened charges as a result of bringing drugs, condoms, sex toys, and even guns to the sting operation. The case Tiwari has built is the manner in which he was arrested that embarassing day in 2006. He was not only caught off guard by an adult Chris Hansen, but videotaped for all the world to laugh at and cheer on. Is there really a crime here when an adult meets a child for sexual purposes and later sues simply because his business was put on the streets? It would be an initial notion to block the criminals’ faces, but then it dilutes the fact that parents need to see who these potential rapists are. This show has prevented thousands of men from making that second step in preying on children who most times aren’t even in their own communities. I think the successful show is helpful, and does a heck of a lot more than lazy police officers eating donuts all day. Click here for a clip of an episode if you’ve never seen the action-packed NBC show.

Let’s Stop Pretending Kim Kardashian’s Marriage Is Real

Reality star Kim Kardashian

Today socialite/wannabe singer/reality show vixen Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from NBA hubby Kris Humphries. Shocked? If so then you obviously haven’t been checking out this couple’s relationship lately. Their relationship, marriage, and even knowing each other is as fake as a Milli Vanilli album. Why are people overly concerned with such a hoax of a financial situation? Kim Kardashian and her family are extremely smart and wealthy people. They know how to manipulate the media and intense fans by not only making money, but making more money than people with actual talent! Reality producer of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Ryan Seacrest conveniently broke the news today on Twitter, as it was confirmed to Hello, Ryan! We know you were in on this whole get-married-get-rich scheme of Kim’s, and probably suggested the idea to her. Kris Humphries has been an outright irritation on the show and to the Kardashian brand. Kim’s family doesn’t like him, those viewing the show weekly fairly dislike him, and it was apparent he was invited in on this marriage to enhance he and Kim’s bank accounts. They got what they wanted, yet there are still some in the dark as to why their beloved Kimmy is now a divorcee. I have said time and time again Kim Kardashian is a legal pimp and should give seminars on the legalities of hustling. Let me be the first to sign up for that one.

Dylan McKay is Not, I Repeat Not Dead!

Actor Luke Perry

The latest horrible rumor to hit the net’ is that one of the hottest actors with some of the best hair was killed in a snowboarding accident. The victim of this vicious lie is former “90210” heartthrob Luke Perry. This was important to get out because Luke Perry is still relevant even years after this famous show. I can’t say that I know every show or movie appearance since the 90’s, but he still looks good for the cameras. Usually rumors are spread by some jealous, attention-seeking loser who wishes they had the celeb flame. Luke Perry is one of those actors who don’t have to have great acting skills. He’s loved for simply stepping out of his home with every paparazzi snap that winds up online. If Luke Perry is at the laundromat with cut-up jeans, construction boots, and mismatched socks I guarantee it’s okay with women everywhere. Although Perry hasn’t been in any blockbuster movies lately, he’s still working as recent as featured in film “Goodnight for Justice.” The 45-year old has taken his precious time out to assure the world he is alive, and very available for further employment opportunities.

A Reflection on America’s Obsession with Ashton Kutchur

Actor Ashton Kutchur

This is indeed a rant to end all negative press on actor Ashton Kutchur. Once word got around that crazy Charlie Sheen was going to be replaced on “Two and a Half Men,” fans went bananas. Not that fans of the show were not Charlie Sheen supporters, but they had grown weary of Charlie’s antics. Ashton Kutchur seemed to be a more stable actor to fill his spot. Now that news is swirling of Ashton’s affairs around town, the media and supporters of the show are destined to tear him down. The show’s ratings have gone down, Demi Moore is drastically losing her already-little weight, and Ashton is looking more confused than ever before. He’s always been the like-able guy everyone wants to date or have as their daughter’s boyfriend. Unfortunately, he’s going through a circumstance I call “media detachment problems.” This whole “I hate Ashton” thing isn’t because of Ashton Kutchur himself. It’s because everybody deep down really misses Charlie Sheen. Regardless of how mentally ill he may seem to be, the guy was still a great asset to the show. On drugs, off drugs, or whatever state he’s in, Charlie Sheen is still a good actor. He is from a generation of A-list actors, so it’s in his blood no matter how irrate he is. He’s been giving interviews with a cool demeanor because he knows he is missed on that show, and as a presence on TV period. So in the end, fans should just admit that Ashton Kutchur doesn’t deserve nearly as much publicity as he’s getting. Truth of the matter is Charlie was fired too soon. Bad news is that he wasn’t replaced by a better actor like everyone anticipated. He was just replaced by a target of temporary affection.

“Puss in Boots” Screening for Children with Autism

"Puss in Boots" movie

As movies come in geared towards the young of the special needs community, I will report on the special screenings as I get them. “Puss in Boots” will be in 2D for children with special needs tomorrow at the Marcus Theater in Orland Park, Illinois. At 10a.m. kids and parents can view the “Shrek” spinoff in a non-crowded, reduced volume environment. Though the theater is designed to accommodate kids with autism, the viewing experience is a comfortable setting for any child bothered by noise, large crowds, or aggravating lighting. “Puss in Boots” debuted today in theaters everywhere in 3D as kids get to see the animated character strut in his own film adventures. The movie stars A-list actors Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, and Billy Bob Thornton. Kids will enjoy the antics and storylline of Puss as he goes on a journey to save the world from being destroyed. Tagging along with Puss are friends, Humpty Dumpty and Kitty Softpaws. Puss has gained so much popularity since his outstanding performance in “Shrek” in 2004 that there’s even an XBox game in honor of his latest movie. Parents can take advantage of this wonderful film with their kids for just an entry and popcorn fee of $6.00 total.

Guess Who is the Highest Grossing Actor Ever?

Highest-grossing actor Samuel Jackson image

The Guiness Book of World Records has come up with the highest grossing actor in history based on box office sales. Shockingingly enough it wasn’t anyone from the “Titanic,” or “Footloose.” Yes, the “Footloose” addition was a joke, laugh it up. It wasn’t Julia Roberts, our original “Pretty Woman.” It was our funniest robber from “Coming to America,” and our biggest hater from “School Daze.” If you haven’t guessed by now that would be Samuel Jackson. It’s amazing to see how far he has come from getting minimum roles to being the most in-demand star in Hollywood. Blockbuster hits like “Pulp Fiction,” “Deep Blue Sea,” “Die Hard With a Vengeance,” have made Jackson realistically the best actor alive right now. He has over 100 films under his belt, and easily equips himself for any character you can imagine. From true-life tales of being a drug addict to the big screen, Jackson is a great example of kicking the habit and living your dreams. Best of all, the media has never reported the humble actor being in any form of trouble, unlike our earlier article on Lindsey Lohan and her dad. He has made quite a name for himself along with Grammy-award winning sibling KEM. KEM is a soul singer and musician who also comes from a background of drug addiction and homelessness. Now, they’re both stars as Jackson’s movies have grossed a reported $7.42 billion dollars to date. The world has always enjoyed Jackson’s movies, but who knew?

Why Can’t the Lohan Family Just Say “No” to Jail?

Michael Lohan

Actress/socialite Lindsey Lohan is no stranger to jail or substance abuse, we all know this. However, it makes her struggles look ten times bad when the father is just as bad as she is. It’s not only mortifying to see yourself on the front page of the paper, but your dad is on page 2 for the same thing? Recently Michael Lohan follows his daughter in the news for jumping over a balcony attempting to escape arrest. At some point Michael should have realized he was going to get arrested even for escaping arrest. He had to have been high off something for that move. Then the guy is jailed and gets to bail out because he’s got money and everyone knows he’ll be paying the jail system again pretty soon. The escape from police stemmed from a domestic violence incident involving Michael. So, now he not only has to go to court for domestic violence, he now has these new charges of running from police.  This family has had more slaps on the wrist than any other celeb family these days and it’s gotten beyond out of control. How many chances can you get to become a productive member of society? We’ve seen Lindsey go to jail hundreds of times, we’ve seen Michael Lohan arrested numerous times as well as appear on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab.” What more can you really do for these people? Drug abuse is definitely not to be made light of, but it requires a lot of self-help in the effort to quitting. Not only do these people need to say “No” to drugs, say “No” to jail. It looks to be just as abusive as the drugs.

Mixtape of the Week: “Heavy Rotation #36″ feat. J-Cole, Lil’ Wayne and Others image

It’s no secret that I may be a bit biased with this week’s mixtape of the week seeing I’m a huge J-Cole fanatic. But, seriously, these guys on “Heavy Rotation #36” shot, killed, and murdered the tracks. There’s tons of great artists on here besides J-Cole like Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, and even Busta Rhymes. DJ Mista Nice literally placed the hottest songs spun everywhere on this one. Newly released today on, the collection of hits is a club winner in any city you party in. Also on the mixtape is Jeezy constantly placing Atlanta on the map with fellow rap comrad Ludacris on DJ Khaled’s “Money.” One of my favorites is the duo of J-Cole and Jay-Z on “Mr. Nice Watch,” reminding those in denial of his genius lyricism that he’s no doubt a hot topic on the streets, and this CD. Though the south has a nice presence on “Heavy Rotation #36,” it’s an obvious battle of the best between RocNation, G.O.O.D. and Young Money label mates. It’s been a stiff competition for the last two years as the labels have been in development of their creative juices. Who truly has the best tracks on here? It’s quite a difficult task to select one label over the other, so why not download and enjoy them all? The mixtape also gives you Beyonce ft. Andre 3000 “We Like to Party” as a classic touch to a live bash in your CD deck or iPod. It’s the best joint around to unwind to whether you’re into Chris Brown, Kanye West, or even Trey Songz. Visit or click here to download.