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Alright, alright, alright so the cat’s out the bag for the last week now about Brian McKnight’s latest vagina song of controversy. Every blog and social network has blasted their opinions about the song from the goody-goody singer in which he wants to teach you how your vagina works. Many have had strong and even hurtful words towards Brian in which they feel the use of the “p” word on the track is just too vulgar. First off, Brian McKnight is past his 30’s, so for anyone to suggest he shouldn’t use the “p” word as sophisticatedly as he does is a fool. Some have even suggested that Brian is too old to be singing about sex as if he just has a year supply of Viagra in his top drawer waiting to give it to anyone who will give it up. Brian McKnight is still fine as the first day he came onto the music scene back in the 90’s, so trust he doesn’t have to stalk pantie-droppers.

Let’s explore  a history of  other artists who have delved into the topic of body parts:

1.) Andre 3000 from Outkast transitioned from being a man of Players’ Balls and Cadillac music to having a double album with one titled “Love Below.” If that doesn’t explain a hell of a metaphorical theory I don’t know what does. Andre is a very versatile artist who is never intimidated by change or switching things up for the sake of “cool.”

2.) R. Kelly is definitely in his own zone as he sings and writes about feeling on somebody’s booty, and the next month he’s got the # 1 song at every graduation around the world with “I Believe I Can Fly.” He vibes off of whatever seems to be taking place in his life or in the world, and it has always worked for him.

3.) Rick James, may he rest in peace, was always a wild dude on the guitar keys and in the tightest onesies you’ll ever see. Though most notably famous for his 80’s hit “Superfreak,” Rick got up with Motown’s baby boy Smokey Robinson for “Ebony Eyes.” The love song was very affectionate, angelic, and showed a very innocent-like Rick James. For a moment, you forgot how many chicks he partied with and how many lines of coke he had in his basement. He was softer, gentler. But, after the famous recording with Smokey, he went back to nasty ole’ Rick real soon.

Brian McKnight’s song titled “If You’re Ready to Learn” is actually quite nicely-put, not in a stripper-pole type of way either. He will always be one of music’s kings of R&B and weddings even if he has taken an R. Kelly route towards satisfying women. Did anyone stop to think that the woman he’s addressing is someone he has had in bed before and may be in dire need of sexual lessons? It could be that instead of dumping the poor, lonely girl, Brian has taken the liberty of extending sexual discovery classes to the young lady. He’s a pervert for that? No, not at all. Anyone who doesn’t like this song is a prude to the 37th power. It ain’t about love all the time, people. For anyone who hasn’t heard the hottest topic on Twitter since Deon Sanders got jumped on by his wife and her best friend, click here- “If You’re Ready to Learn”


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