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Board of Governors is a power-rock duo in Chicago, Illinois which couples the aggressive, driving rhythms of East Coast punk rock with the structural, melodic and harmonic integrity of nineties Seattle-based grunge rock.

Board of Governors is singer/ guitar player Trevor Hougardy and drummer John Marino with the occasional support from synth and bass synth player Terry Martin. Together the group merge the youthful excitement, angst and energy of their rock backrounds. Their music is distinguished by energetic guitar-riff driven hooks, sophisticated use of dynamics, chromaticism and key changes, and is consciously minimalist. Furthermore, Hougardy’s lyrics candidly address common plights facing average, hard-working, everyday Americans and, through his examination of himself and recitation of personal experiences, have developed into their own brand of social commentary.

Board of Governors formed in 2008 when Hougardy’s and Marino’s previous band, The Beautiful Losers, broke up. For two years they wrote, experimented with different lineups, reworked and developed their sound. In the summer of 2010 they recorded their first E.P. at Paragon Studios, Inc. with producer and engineer Joseph Connors. They currently play around Chicago and are writing for their first full-length album which is scheduled for release in 2011. They plan to tour on that album in the summer of 2011.

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